• High-speed broadband amplifier And Data acquistion technology
  • The NanoTronix TDR will help you to efficiently manage communication, telephone and power delivery networks

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)

Time Domain Reflectometry
TDR(Time Domain Reflectometry) is a remote measurement technique that determines the cable'sconditions by analyzing the reflected signals measured from one metal conductor side, after theelectrical signal is transmitted into that side.
iconNumeric Cable Fault Locator
iconLAN Cable Tester
iconMulti-function cable fault locator


Recently, VSAT standardization, the DVB-RCS (DVB Return Channel via satellite) has been estab
lished to which the VSAT market is moving promptly. Europe is committed to DVB-RCS, following the GSM model for standards...
iconDVB-RCS(VSAT)/NOC Antenna
iconDVB-RCS/VSAT Antenna / VAST Modem
iconPCI Satellite Receiver Card
Nanotronix Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of testing and monitoring solutions for cable, optical networks. It has been manufacturinCable tester (inclu ding LAN cable tester), Cable fault locator,etc.

It also is a total solution provider of Satellite Communication, manufacturing interactive MF-TDMA VSAT Modems / Hub for broadband interactive service (up to Tx 4.7Mbps Rx 120Mbps) supporting star topology of Point-to-MultiPoint remotes. NanoTronix is as well a total SI/NI of all components of VSAT ODU/IDU including FDMA etc.